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Group Fitness

Camp Gladiator (CG) is an outdoor (and online) group fitness program for all fitness levels. Every workout is different, incorporating full-body exercises led by a Certified Personal Trainer. Our clients enjoy unlimited workouts at our 4000+ outdoor locations nationwide, our 1500+ live workouts weekly, and an expansive library of on-demand workouts.


CG is dedicated to transforming lives, through a variety of fun workouts, where you can discover your Best Self!


Experience new workouts every day and a new focus each week, through the CG 4-week camp cycle, beginning as early as 5am, or as late as 9:30pm ET, most nights during the week.


Come join our CG Community … incredible workouts for any schedule: <30, 30, 45, or 60 minutes of AMAZING!


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Want to join the Camp Gladiator movement? Use the link below or contact us at 470-723-2096, with any questions or inquiries.

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