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Developing healthy habits at an early age is really important. Learning to love physical activity, as a child, can build an enduring lifestyle. These lifestyle decisions can prevent serious health issues as children move into adulthood.


I have personally found that when my daughter is active, she is less likely to ask for screen time or to play on her devices, she is able to concentrate better (for those who are kinesthetic learners), she is happier and in a better mood, and she has a more restful night’s sleep.


Furthermore, the sense of accomplishment that children feel while performing a physical activity can build confidence exhibited through all aspects of their lives. I ask all parents: who wouldn’t want that for their children (or even for themselves)?


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About the Programs


3 youth programs are available …

• Fitness Fun

• Healthy Habits

• Fitness Fun & Game Time


45 minute sessions offered either during the school/facility’s after school program OR virtually


Students of all fitness levels and abilities


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What sets Fitness Fun apart from other offerings is that it is not a running or sports-themed course, but rather a healthy habits approach to physical activity that can be sustained for a lifetime, while also teaching children about the major muscle groups that enable movement within their bodies during everyday activities.

A mind/body/spirit course that encourages youth to make wise choices, related to total wellness; focusing on self-awareness, as well as mindful awareness of the external. Students build and reinforce positive self-image, while developing confidence and leadership skills, essential in youth development.

A fun physical activity break that offers social/team interaction, providing students a way to stay active, release stress, and connect with their peers.

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Fitness Fun & Game Time!

Starting – October 28th - December 9th  •  11:15 am till 12:00 pm

2020 Spring Fitness Fun

Wednesday's – January 22nd - April 29th

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2020 Healthy Habits

Starting – January 21st - March 12th

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2020 Spring Fitness Fun

Thursday's – January 30th - April 30th

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2020 Spring Fitness Fun



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